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Wonderful! As always, you were able to catch those smiles. After the way he acted I didn't know what to expect. You truly have a gift. Becky

"If you are reading this you are likely planning a wedding. Weddings are such wonderful occasions that you don't want to miss a moment, but realistically you cannot see everything that happens on that special day. I looked at the pictures that April took when Macay and Dru got married and realized how much I would have missed if it had not been for her experience, expertise, and forethought. I also realized , in retrospect, that while you may think you know every picture you would like to have, realistically you cannot think of it all. Once again, April took care of it all. She handled the rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception with the utmost care. It was as if she were trying to save memories of her own child getting married and save memories of her own family during this special occasion. On the afternoon of the wedding things were so chaotic, it was nice to not have to worry about pictures. April got the right people in the pictures at the right time and they actually liked her when it was all said and done. Now, that is quite a feat when the wedding party and the families were both are huge in number. The reception was no different. She was able to get people to be where they needed to be, when they needed to be there, and everyone still had fun. The quality of her photography can be easily seen, but that secure feeling that you get from a photographer who really cares about your "big" event can only be felt. Believe me, we felt that caring from April."Angel McBride (mother of Macay McBride, groom of Dru Greene, wedding December 31, 2005)

"From the wedding portrait in Forsyth Park, Savannah to the very end of the party following the reception on the wedding night, April provided the support and guidance that made each moment perfect. I expected the wedding portrait event to be difficult being in a strange environment outside in the elements. However, each of us enjoyed the experience and look back on it as an exciting one. The pictures that resulted were too beautiful to limit the choice to just one. The day of the wedding progressed with remarkable calm from the dressing of the girls and pictures to the bustling after the ceremony ended. April knew exactly what to do, how and when. Without her guidance the evening would have been filled with tension. She helped with lighting, arranging the veil, bustling the dress, cake cutting, and so on through the evening. The wedding photographs were once again too gorgeous to choose from. My daughter and I gave the selection and arrangement of all the photos to include in the album in the hands of April. What a masterpiece of art she created! I would give my highest recommendation for using Portraits by April for any event."Joyce Jamerson (mother of Leah Jamerson Massey, bride of Dwight Massey, Jr.)